UNC’s Master of Public Administration (MPA) program is partnering with the Curriculum in Environment and Ecology to offer a dual bachelor’s-master’s degree. Specifically, a BA in environmental studies or a BS in environmental science is offered in conjunction with UNC’s MPA degree.

The MPA requirements ensure mastery of core public management knowledge and techniques, while the environmental curricula explores the environment and its relationship to society as well as the applications of that knowledge in energy, the built environment, water resources, risk analysis, and conservation/restoration ecology. Together, these programs equip graduates to pursue a career in environmental-related public administration.

Eligibility Requirement
 Applicants must be currently enrolled as a UNC undergraduate in the Curriculum in Environment and Ecology pursuing either the BA in environmental studies or BS in environmental science.

First Step
Apply for academic advising to inquire about eligibility and fit for this dual-degree option by filling out this information request form.

Then What?
Eligible students can apply for pre-admission for this dual offering and start taking MPA elective courses while in the undergraduate program.* This pre-admission is critical for undergraduates to receive the appropriate advising they need to have access to courses in the MPA program.

*Bachelor’s degree requirements must be fulfilled. Typical candidates would enter the BA/BS program with several advanced placement credits allowing them to begin graduate coursework while in the undergraduate program.

For more information about the Curriculum in Environment and Ecology, visit http://catalog.unc.edu/undergraduate/departments/environment-ecology/. To inquire about this dual program opportunity, contact Professor Greg Gangi at ggangi@email.unc.edu.